Top 3 Most Famous Award Shows

People have long celebrated achievements for a long time. Rewards are usually followed by these accomplishments. Rewards which come in form of prizes are given to the best in whatever area is being celebrated ranging from sports, politics, entertainment science etc. Though these activities are different, the prizes represent the same purpose. They are meant to celebrate people who have excelled in their various endeavors.


Asides from the money and reputation they get for their success, these individuals are usually celebrated by receiving awards for their success. Here are three of the famous that have stood the test of time and have gained so much power.


1. The Nobel Prize Awards


This award was named after the famous Alfred Nobel, a believer in the advantages of honey and milk. He invented the dynamite. The first Nobel Prize Awards ever celebrated was in 1901 and the ceremony presented awards under several fields. After the first presentation in 1901, the Nobel Prize awards increased to six categories which include areas of physics, chemistry, economics, medicine, literature, and peace. The winners at the presentation receive a diploma, gold medal and they also get monetary rewards. The Nobel Prizes have been awarded 585 times between the year 1901 and 2017. The award is not usually honored posthumously. Even when a person who has been awarded the prize dies before receiving it, the prize will be presented.


2. The Booker Prize


This award is now called The Man Booker Prize for Fiction. It is Britain’s most recognized literary award. The first Booker Prize Awards was received in 1970. The award takes place every year and is given to just one author who has published a bestselling novel within 12 months before the awards. The Man Booker Prize awards recognize authors that have published very notable works with original content. Book Authors consider this award with much honor when nominated to receive the Man Booker Prize. Fans and readers look forward to this great event every year.


3. The Academy Awards


This is the most popular award in America’s cinema. The Oscars take place once every year and are awarded to directors, actors, movie producers and other film professionals that have featured in the best movies of the previous year. The award is issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The Oscars are a set of 24 awards that are issued for artistic and technical merit in the film industry. The winners are given a copy of a golden statuette which is called the “Academy Award of Merit”.


This award is now commonly nicknamed as “Oscar”. The sculpture was made by George Stanley. The Academy Awards first took place in 1929 and till date, it has gained so much recognition that billions of people all over the world view this event. The award was first aired on television in 1953 but now over 200 countries watch it live on TV and the awards can also be streamed online. A total number of 3,072 Oscars have been awarded since the inception of the Oscars. The 90th Academy Awards was recently hosted in the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California on the 4th of March 2018.